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Postgraduate Study

Further Study

If after completing your undergraduate degree you decide to continue your studies then maybe a masters or a doctorate (PhD) is the right option for you. 

There are two different types of courses that you can take when you finish your undergraduate degree and they are Taught or Research based. 

Taught degree programmes

A taught masters course is similar to an undergraduate degree and you attend lectures, perform practicals and have either the option of exams or producing a thesis at the end to gain an MSc (Masters of Science). They normally last between 1-2 years full time or up to 3 years part time.


Students interested in research can advance into either a Doctorate (PhD) or a Masters of research (MRes). A research Masters includes a small proportion of lectures but the majority of your time is spent on your independent research project(s). Instead of exams you prepare a thesis on your independent research which is then submitted at the end of your course. These courses last 1-2 years full time or 2-4 years part time and they are often seen as a preparatory course for a PhD.  At the end you gain an MRes (Masters of Research).

There are many masters courses on offer at academic institutions across the country, you can explore the different masters courses

Some students go straight from an undergraduate degree into a PhD.  A lot of PhDs are partially or fully funded by research councils associated with the UK Research Council who award grants to university departments. The departments then advertise these funded places to students as studentships on a competitive basis.

Research Councils

These are useful as they coordinate research projects across the country and can be a source of further information and possibly funding. The home of the research councils can be found online at Research Councils UK. Other Research Councils Include the:


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