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Sharing Biology Education Research

Members of the Biology Education research Group (BERG) are active researchers with a broad range of interests spanning education research in schools, colleges and higher education institutions. The group will be sharing some of their research as part of a day of talks at the Association for Science Education (ASE) annual conference in January.

BERG Talks at the 2024 ASE conference (4-5 January 2024)

The experience of learners from ethnic minorities; their story - Andrew Shore and Emma Yhnell

Biology, AI and teachers - Neil Ingram

Exclusion and participation of LGBT+ youth and science education - Liam Cini O’Dwyer

Confidence in teaching biology - what's a degree got to do with it? - Mike Taylor

Teaching classification and evolution – a plant rich approach - Chris Graham

Review: the power of plants to enrich teaching and Learning - Dan Jenkins

Researching Drama to Teach Biology - Martin Braund

Beginning biological Literacy in the earliest of years - Sue Dale Tunnicliffe


Listings for all BERG talks on the ASE 2023 conference site can be found here

For full details please download our RSB at the ASE conference leaflet.

A summary of the talks can be found here and you can view some of the presentation slides on the BERG area on myRSB.

The BERG area on myRSB is only accessible for BERG members.

If you are not a member of BERG and are interested in becoming a member please contact Shabana Brightley, Education Policy Officer at the Royal Society of Biology.