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The British Society for Cell and Gene Therapy aims to accelerate scientific progress and promote ethical and thorough transfer of gene- and cell-based technologies from the laboratory into the clinic, for treatment of a range of serious disorders, including cancer, heart disease and monogenic disorders.

The British Society for Cell and Gene Therapy public engagement team are delighted to present you with some fun educational video content allowing you to glimpse into the lives of scientists.

Extracting DNA from cells | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Ever wondered what the genetic code made up of strings of As Ts Gs and Cs looks like? Or, what a genetic mutation look like?

Follow through this experiment from beginning to end and see how to extract DNA from human cells, how to then measure it, amplify particular genes of interest and visualise them under UV light and analyse their sequence!

CRISPR and genome editing explained | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

CRISPR's power was only realised 6 years ago and the inventors have just been awarded a Nobel Prize!

Listen to one of University College London's scientists explain to us the basics of CRISPR and gene editing and how we can use these molecular scissors to snip and rewrite our genetic code in a dish.

A day in the life of a scientist | Zone 3: scientists at work

Watch the hard working team of Imperial College London scientist working tirelessly through their day while performing a series of cool experiments.

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