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The Bioscience Awarding Gap (BAG) Network is an advisory group to the Heads of University Biosciences (HUBS). The group promotes within HUBS the communication, discussion and adoption of practices that are shown to reduce demographic awarding gaps in the biosciences.


  1. Compile, maintain and share an online library of resources. This will include published data and analyses which quantify demographic awarding gaps, contributed case studies, and a toolkit of recommended practices that have been shown to reduce these gaps in the biosciences and related disciplines.
  2. Organize regular network events and use online communication channels to grow and deepen engagement. We will work with relevant groups, including the Early Careers Lecturers in Biosciences (ECLBio) HUBS advisory group, to broaden our impact.
  3. Measure our success by the adoption of our recommendations from the module to the national level, attendance at our events, engagement with network communication channels, and, most importantly, the reduction of demographic awarding gaps in bioscience HE. This will be measured wherever possible by public, benchmarked data.

Members of the BAG Network Steering Group

  • Adesewa Adebisi, University of Manchester
  • Dr Amarachukwu Anyogu, University of Westminster
  • Dr Nick Freestone, Kingston University
  • Dr Gillian Knight, Aston University
  • Aranee Manoharan, King’s College London
  • Dr James McEvoy, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dr Prachi Stafford, Sheffield Hallam University