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Welcome to the RSB's A-Z of the Biosciences video series! Each video focusses on a different area of biology, with our biologists sharing the highlights of their work. 

Each video has details of the qualifications needed to start a career in the specialisms featured and includes advice for future biologists.

We hope to inspire future bioscientists, whether they are currently in school, studying at university, or in training. You can watch the full series 1 and 2 of our career videos on our YouTube page.

Series 2 of A-Z of the Biosciences has now launched, and we will release a new video every Friday - watch this space!

Letter W | Woolly Mammoth Researcher Dr Rebecca Shepherd

Letter E | Environmental Biotechnologist Professor Diane Purchase

Letter F | Fungal Ecophysiologist Professor Angel Medina-Vaya

Letter O | Oncologist Dr Sophie Kellaway

Letter I | Ichthyologist Ada Eslava

Letter M | Molecular Modeller Dr Arun Pandurangan FRSB

Letter G | Geomicrobiology Professor Geoff Gadd

Letter P | Polar Scientist Dr Peter Fretwell

Letter H | Histologist Dr Bernadine Idowu

Letter B | Bioinformatician Dr Ian Overton

Further resources

For all students in the UK the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) has information about, and offers guidance on, higher education opportunities available in the UK.

Students in England who are interested in finding out more about career options can additionally consult the National Careers Service, which is available to people who live in England.

We would like to thank the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) for their financial support which has made this resource possible.