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What is an RSB ambassador?

RSB ambassadors are enthusiastic, active and engaged members of the Royal Society of Biology who act as the key contact for the RSB within their workplace. Ambassadors showcase the benefits of membership, promote the work of the Society, and encourage new and current members to get involved. 

What should I contact an RSB ambassador about?

Suggestions include:

  • Contacting your resident RSB ambassador to discuss membership and how it can benefit you.
  • Inviting your resident ambassador to get involved in your event, such as a careers day, lecture series or research conference. They may bring a stand of RSB literature, contribute a short talk about the Society, or invite a staff member from the RSB to participate.
  • Organising a seminar about RSB membership, or professional registration/development.
  • In some circumstances, ambassadors in another workplace may be able to co-host an event with you, or speak at your event.

Are you interested in becoming an RSB ambassador?

If you're a current AMRSB, MRSB or FRSB of the Society, please apply on mySociety to apply to become an RSB ambassador. If you have any questions about the scheme, please get in touch

Ambassador resources

If you are an RSB ambassador, you can follow this link to the Membership Promotion Toolkit where you can request promotional resources to support your events, and find supporting documents.

Meet our ambassadors

Dr Nuzhat Ahsan MRSB

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Nuzhat AhsanI am thrilled to introduce myself as an ambassador of the Royal Society of Biology. With a profound passion for research and development, I am dedicated to bridging the gap between science and society. With a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, specializing in protein aggregation disorders impacting the brain I have been driven by a relentless curiosity to unravel the intricacies of life and make significant contributions to our understanding of neurodegenerative disorders. Beyond my academics, I am deeply committed to engaging with communities and fostering scientific awareness.

As an ambassador, I aim to amplify the efforts by promoting the importance of biology and its potential to address global challenges. I am dedicated to facilitating meaningful discussions, bridge interdisciplinary gaps, advocate for evidence-based decision-making and promote the benefits of being associated with the RSB. My journey as an ambassador of the Royal Society of Biology is fuelled by the desire to empower individuals, create awareness, and inspire action towards a sustainable future. Together, we can harness the transformative potential of biology, keep ourselves updated and address critical issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and public health. I look forward to collaborating with fellow ambassadors, scientists, policymakers, and the public to make a lasting impact on the world around us.

I am excited to be a part of the Royal Society of Biology's mission, which aligns perfectly with my own aspirations. Together, we can celebrate the wonders of biology, empower future generations, and shape a brighter and more sustainable future. Join me on this journey as we explore the endless possibilities and unravel the mysteries of life through the lens of biology.

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Miss Stella Adesola Babatope AMRSB

Norwich, United Kingdom

Stella Babatope2My name is Stella Adesola Babatope, I am a biomedical scientist and a molecular scientist. My goal is to become an innovative researcher either as an independent researcher or a collaborative researcher. I have been in the diabetic research space but I am always ready to diversify as I am interested in patient care, science communication, and drug discovery.

I joined the RSB as an ambassador to bridge the gap in information accessibility amongst young and international scientists in the UK like me, I hope to build a space where young scientists have a support system to make their transitions easy. A space where international biologists feel seen feel like they are indeed part of a society that cares about their voice, and ultimately grow as a professional through diverse interactions and connections with fellow biologists and senior professionals in the society.

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Mr Tobias Bate MRSB

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tobias BateToby graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology and completed his PGCE in Secondary Science Education at Leeds University. He has since continued to specialise in education and achieved further qualifications, most recently an MSc (Hons) in Blended and Online Learning at Edinburgh Napier University.
He began teaching in the UK in 2006 before moving to Asia to begin his international career in 2011. With over 17 years of experience in education, he has held a range of leadership positions in international schools around the world, having previously worked in Malaysia, China, South Korea and Egypt . He is an experienced examiner for different UK and international examination boards, a Chartered Science Teacher accredited by the Royal Society of Biology and a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. He is now in his second year of being Head of Secondary at BVIS HCMC.

He is hoping to share his love of Biology and the living world with other teachers, school leaders and students in the South East Asia region.

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Dr Gilbert Nchongboh Chofong MRSB

Lancaster, United Kingdom

Gilbert ChofongDr Gilbert Nchongboh Chofong, a senior research associate at Julius-Kühn-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, excels in molecular biology, virology and plant pathology. His groundbreaking work advances virus detection, genomic studies, and virus-host interactions. Dr. Chofong's research sheds light on the propagation and control of plant viruses. He's a committee member of the British Society for Plant Pathology Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (BSPP-EEDI), underscoring his commitment to equity and diversity.

Being an RSB Ambassador offers him the opportunity to actively participate in advocating for biological science, education, and effective science communication, thereby enriching society with greater awareness and enhanced scientific literacy.

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Dr Lara Grollo

Melbourne, Australia

Lara GrolloLara Grollo is a lifelong scientist and a philanthropist who merges her academic passion with her charitable pursuits. Lara holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and PhD from the former Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Melbourne and her PhD thesis was titled “Design and development of synthetic vaccine constructs and delivery systems”. In keeping with her transition to being a teaching specialist, Lara has completed a certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education) from Swinburne University and more recently a Master’s in Education with a focus in Science education and communication at Australian Catholic University. In 2020, Lara was awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Improving student engagement is the key to success in higher education. This can be achieved by focussing on meaningful learning. Meaningful learning is the interaction between a student’s past knowledge and the new information they are attempting to learn. This interaction paves the way for new enduring knowledge creation that is built on top of or in addition to existing knowledge. Importantly, once the learner has undertaken meaningful learning, they can use the knowledge they have gained to make inferences and apply it to other contexts. Lara’s current research focuses on the use of meaningful learning in Bioscience undergraduate and postgraduate education. She studies the way in which learning by doing and the use of real-world contexts can assist students understanding of complex ideas within Biology and Biotechnology. These projects aim to determine if students see meaningful learning as beneficial and whether integration of meaningful learning strategies can improve academic success and employability.

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Mr Gayan Danushka Gunatilake MRSB

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Gayan Gunatilake2I am Gayan Gunatilake MRSB, and I am fortunate to work as the Program Lead for the School of Biomedical Sciences at the International Institute of Health Sciences in Sri Lanka. My research interests primarily revolve around Microbiology and Molecular Biology, areas that continue to fascinate and challenge me. In my role, I have had the privilege of engaging in many research projects while engaging in with students in improving their learning and contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge in Sri Lanka. While I have been recognized by my peers for my expertise in these fields, I am humbled by the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such talented individuals.

One of my greatest aspirations is to introduce the Royal Society of Biology to the masses in Sri Lanka. I strongly believe that scientific literacy should be accessible to all, and I am committed to bridging the gap between the scientific community and the general public. Through initiatives such as public lectures, workshops, and outreach programs, I hope to demystify complex scientific concepts and inspire a deeper appreciation for the life sciences. I am acutely aware that there is much work to be done, and I am driven by a deep sense of responsibility to make a positive impact. It is my sincere hope that my efforts will inspire the next generation of scientists and contribute to the development of a scientifically informed society in Sri Lanka.

In summary, I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in my career, and I remain dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge while fostering a love for biology among the wider community.

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Dr Aver Maria Hemben MRSB

Bedford, United Kingdom

Dr Rachelle Irwin MRSB

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Rachelle IrwinDr Rachelle Irwin is a Lecturer in Genomic Medicine and a researcher at the Centre for Genomic Medicine in the School of Biomedical Science, Ulster University. Dr Irwin’s research is focused on epigenetic epidemiology, with interest in understanding the role of epigenetics in human health and disease.
Dr Irwin graduated from Ulster University with BSc Hons Biomedical Science (1st Class), proceeding to undertake her PhD in the Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics research group which examined maternal programming of neural gene methylation and transcription. Following her PhD, Dr Irwin was appointed as a BBRSC/ERSC-funded Research Associate in the Genomic Medicine Research Group at Ulster University. During this period, she worked on an interdisciplinary project relating to a longitudinal randomized controlled trial investigating the epigenetic effects of folic acid supplementation on children's psychosocial development in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.
Dr Irwin was appointed as a Lecturer at Ulster University in 2019 where she assumed the role of Course Director for the BSc Hons Biology degree, which she led through recent successful accreditation by the Royal Society of Biology. She teaches on a range of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level, predominantly associated with genetics. To date, Dr. Irwin has published several scientific papers in top-ranked scientific journals across a range of disciplines. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and affiliated with many scientific societies.
In addition to her teaching endeavours, Dr Irwin is actively involved in supervising postgraduate students and outreach activity. Being an RSB ambassador offers her a springboard her commitment to inspiring young scientists in Northern Ireland and showcase the benefits of the RSB.

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Mr Pankaj Kumar MRSB

Poznan, Poland

Pankaj Kumar2I was born and raised in Targena, Bihar, a rural part of India. I got my Bachelor in biotechnology from Magadh University, Bodhgaya, and Master in plant biotechnology from BHU, Varanasi both from India. Right after completing my Master, I embarked on a scientific career as a project assistant with Dr. Tiwari at NABI Mohali, Punjab, India. I joined a Ph.D. program in 2019, and am currently preparing my PhD thesis from the Institute of Plant Genetics, PAS, Poznan, Poland. With Prof. Swiecicki, my Ph.D. research focuses on studying plant-pathogen interactions, aiming to unravel the mechanisms involved in pea interactions with pathogens. Additionally, we are utilizing Genome Editing tools to address the presence of antinutritional compounds in peas.

As an Ambassador of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), I am driven to join hands with aspiring young students and researchers in the area of biology from various universities with valuable information about the advantages of being part of the scientific community. I firmly believe in the importance of science communication to society and recognize the significance of a strong scientific community that raises questions and advocates for scientific advancements alongside the public and policy makers. I am committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of an ambassador to the best of my abilities.

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Mr Jordon Kaine Millward MRSB

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Jordon Millward2As an ambassador for the Royal Society of Biology, I aim to broaden our outreach and highlight our members to a broader audience. My dedication lies in connecting with schools and colleges to boost attendance at conferences and academic events, intending to encourage more individuals to join the RSB early in their careers. My utmost goal is to motivate and embolden those aspiring to become researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to forge strong connections with STEM education and extend the reach and impact of their biological research endeavours. However, we must go beyond merely organising events and networking opportunities to engage with researchers and the upcoming generation.

To reach a more widespread audience and showcase the society's remarkable work and possibilities, we must explore various platforms such as videos, written articles, and other promotional materials. Increasing awareness about the society and its offerings encourages more individuals to join the RSB as a dependable platform for networking, professional development, and accessing advanced research. Moreover, advocating the initiatives, publications, and public outreach programs taking place in the biological sciences and how they, as members, can have an impact.

Find Jordon on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Ask Jordon.

Mr Tri Nguyen AMRSB

Manchester, United Kingdom

Tri NguyenHi, I'm Tri Nguyen, a Research Scientist passionate about advancing sports turf technologies and products. At STRI Ltd, I've honed my skills in seed-cultivar research and turf systems. Now, as an RSB ambassador, my goals involve increasing RSB membership among professionals, fostering collaborations, and promoting the organization's mission to address crucial biological challenges. With a background in biochemistry and expertise in AI and data science, I aim to contribute to the RSB's mission by bridging scientific progress with effective stakeholder and public engagement. I'm eager to bring my experience to the forefront and support the RSB in making impactful strides in the field of biology.

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Dr Nigel Page CBiol CSciTeach FRSB

London, United Kingdom

Nigel PageNigel is currently School Director of Learning and Teaching within the School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University London, where he is recognised as a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, Chartered Biologist (CBiol) and Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach). He has been awarded Kingston University's Provost's Award for Learning and Teaching Excellence along with recognition through several other university awards highlighting his sustained contribution to employability, enterprise, professional development, and the inclusive curriculum in the biosciences. Nationally, he has been a finalist in both the National Enterprise Educator Awards (highly commended) and the Pearson HE Innovate Awards (Most innovative approach to developing employability skills). He has also successful lead the accreditation of Kingston University's biochemistry, biological science and pharmacology programmes by the Royal Society of Biology. He is passionate about communicating the biosciences across the generations and lead several significant public engagement initiatives/projects, these has also included several collaborations with the RSB to highlight the work of the society from 'Discover Industry' the first collaboration between academic and industrial RSB ambassadors and an 'Afternoon with the RSB'. Nigel is also a member of the RSB's Membership and Professional Affairs committee.

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Dr Ramendra Pati Pandey MRSB

Sonipat, India

Ramendra Pati Pandey2Dr. Ramendra Pati Pandey is an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences and Technology (SoHST), UPES University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He has been awarded with the Department of Science and Technology Young Scientist Award (2010), Indian Immunology Society Young Scientist Award (2013), European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) Travel Award (2012) , British Society of Immunology Travel Award (2012) , Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia Oceania Young Scientist Award (2012 and 2015) , American Association of Immunologists Travel Award (2013) , IUIS Travel Award (2013),and, The FOCIS Travel Award (2017).
Recently he has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences, India (2021), and selected as an Associate Member of the esteemed Academy "International Academy of Physical Sciences, Prayagraj (2022), elected as a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (2022), elected as a member of the National Academy of Biological Sciences (2023), National Environmental Science Academy (2023), Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Honor Society (2023).

My ambassadorial position will contribute to making society work more smoothly by improving connections with our members. I intend to organize RSB activities to spread awareness across the globe.

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Mrs Sridevi Bindiganavile Ranganath MRSB

Dublin, Ireland

Sridevi Bindiganavile RanganathSridevi Bindiganavile (SRI), MRSB is a final year PhD student in the department of Food Science and Environmental health in TU Dublin, Ireland. She also collaborates with Trinity Translational Medicine Institute to carry out research in immunology. She is a passionate teacher of biology and has been inspiring many young minds into taking up core science. She also enjoys teaching and performing Indian classical music alongside her career in science. As an ambassador of the prestigious Royal Society of Biology, Sri intends to organise various events for promotion, recruitment of members, gathering like-minded people in science. She is looking forward to fulfil her duty as an ambassador by raising the awareness about RSB by explaining the benefits to biologists in Ireland.

Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar RSci MRSB

Chennai, India

Hemachandran RavikumarDr Hemachandran Ravikumar is a notable scientist and doctor of Medical Research and Development by profession. He is the recipient of Best Poster (Scientist) of India Award – 2018 from the Government of India, Author of Fastest Book Writer World Record making book Secrets of Society – 2019, GTF World Business summit Award-2020 in the field of Science and Technology and Founder of N&H Research Park – India’s First Private space logical analytics Research and Development services company headquartered in India. He is well known for his law of planetary Motion “Chandran's theories of Activities of Space.”

He is the recipient of Excellency of Research in 2021 by Institute of scholars for his research work of “Summarized facts, managements and treatment protocol for COVID-19”. (Co-author: Co.sci.Mathunila Vissagan). His untiring contributions and continuous hard work in biology have earned him the 'Registered Scientist Award-(Rsci)' on 6th of April 2023 by the Science Council Of the United Kingdom in association with the Royal Society of Biology (UK).

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Dr Upasana Ray MRSB

Kolkata, India

Upasana RayI am a virologist working as a senior scientist at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. My career began first as student of my parents followed by school/college education and PhD degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India in virology. My research training was further groomed by post-doctoral training at National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, United States. As an independent scientist I have been fortunate to have amazing set of PhD scholars who shaped my laboratory research with their hard work and dedication. Society who shaped must also be served. Thus, I have been involved with science outreach activities as well. My journey in science outreach started with membership of the Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS) till 2022 followed by on ongoing membership of the Global Young Academy (GYA). I have participated in wide range of activities for scientific awareness, career related awareness for youngsters etc. As a woman in science, I have also been interested in various activities related to empowerment of ‘women in science’. I am fortunate to serve the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) as an ambassador and look forward towards elaborate scientific networking, involvement in collaborative activities and outreach.

Find Upasana on her online profile, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mr Conor James Savage MRSB

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Conor SavageConor is an ESG Programme Manager with Sainsbury's, where he is responsible for leading the development and maintenance of Sainsbury's Bank's ESG strategy. Before this he was a Climate Reporting Manager with NatWest Group, where he provided advice and technical expertise on climate, nature, and other sustainability-related policy. He joined the Group in 2019, as a Change & Business Solutions Graduate with Ulster Bank. Prior to this he studied Marine Biology at Bangor University, completing both a BSc and MSc. Whilst there, he specialised in the effects of Arctic sea ice retreat on sea ice-reliant/associated species, in particular walruses! As an RSB Ambassador Conor is hoping to deliver educational/engaging presentations on the Society’s work to date and the benefits of membership, letting those around him know about the many opportunities for professional development that are on offer.

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Professor Sunit Singh FRSB

Varanasi, India

Sunit SinghI am happy to get connected with the Royal Society of Biology as an ambassador. Considering my vast experience in the area of Biology, especially in the field of Virology, I would like to put my efforts to connect a greater number of young students and scientists with the professional activities of the Royal Society of Biology. I am always engaged in training young minds to answer various research questions related to virus and host interactions. I am committed to take up the essence of the knowledge generated through research to the society for the social awareness. For a long time, I have been very active in educating the general public about the various viruses responsible for different outbreaks in past and present such as: Monkeypox, Nipah, SARS-CoV2. I do this work with a dedication in order to refute the anti-science rumours related to the health, viral diseases and vaccines. This is our duty to keep the general public aware about the latest developments in biological sciences based on scientific logics. The RSB is a very good global platform to connect with the scientific community globally, where we can have discussions with experts on various aspects of Biology ranging from basics to the applied ones. Since the Biological science is going through a major transformative change from interdisciplinarity to trans-disciplinarity, so this is very much required to have global connecting platform for scientific interaction on different aspects of Biology. I found that RSB is very much committed to engage with such scientific activities and public awareness programs. I am sure that we all can join hands to add value in the academic and professional activities of the Royal Society of Biology.

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