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The Royal Society of Biology science policy priorities 

The RSB science policy priorities define the areas of focus, and provide a framework for, the RSB's science policy work and intended impact.

The current set of priority areas define our work between 2022 - 2027. These have been agreed by the Education and Science Policy (ESP) Committee and Council, to be taken forward by the RSB Science Policy Team.

The priorities link to the Society-wide strategic objectives, currently listed in the RSB’s Strategic Plan (2022 - 2024). This, together with the RSB’s vision and mission statements, describe the RSB’s intended impact.


RSB Science Policy Priorities 2022 – 2027:
• Knowledge exchange, information sharing and building trust in the biosciences
• Ethical biological innovation
• Biological security
• Nature and climate
• Research culture
• Research landscape

Read further detail about our work within each priority area.


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