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From bees to climate change, from forestry to ethics – the following pages provide resources to keep you up to date with developments in current policy issues.

Find out about our current Science Policy Priorities for activity through 2020 - 2021.



UK Biosciences and Europe

Interactions of the UK scientific community with European neighbours

Big ben

Science and Public Policy

Why continued support for UK science has never been more crucial


Biomedical Sciences

Animal Research, Embryo Research, Drug Discovery, Antimicrobial Resistance


Environmental and Ecosystem Science

Badgers and Bovine TB, Bees, Biofuels (Algal Biofuels), Climate Change, Forestry, Soil Science, Systematics and Taxonomy, Ecosystem Approach, Biodiversity Markets, Sustainable Development


Agriculture and Plant Science

Plant Science, Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), CAP Task Force


Research Environment and Practice

Research and Teaching Funding, Research Dissemination, Journal Content Mining, Research Use


Equality and Diversity

STEM Disability Committee, Women in Biology