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The SEB represents experimental biologists and supports their science. We aim to increase the influence of experimental biology within the scientific community and demonstrate its importance to the public.

We bring together over 2,500 scientists from across the globe, inspiring new ideas, experimental techniques, and supporting connections between cell, plant, and animal biology.

Whatever your age, background or ability, the SEB knows that everyone has an inner scientist waiting to be released! So put on your lab coat and checkout our activities.

The experimental method | Zone 1: The World Around Us

This video discusses key points of a scientific experiment, from coming up with a research question to interpreting your data. 

How do whales keep warm? | Zone 1: The World Around Us

How does blubber helps to insulate a Beluga whales’ body in the ice-cold waters of the Arctic Ocean? Using the SEB Blubber Experiment worksheet, you will learn fun facts about Beluga Whales and why they need to keep warm. You’ll then design your own experiment to test whether fat is a good insulating material.

Download the worksheet here.

Plant Cell Spot the Difference | Zone 1: The World Around Us

A fun game of spot-the-difference will help you to learn to notice detail – a key skill for any scientist! You’ll also learn about what a plant cell is, all the different parts of a plant cell, and the roles they each play.

Download the worksheet here.

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