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The RSB continues to develop and refine the ways we measure the impact of our policy work.

As well as giving our members and Member Organisations an indication of the wider benefit their support, expertise and collaboration is bringing for the biosciences sector through the work of the RSB, the results of our impact evaluations help to guide our strategic decision-making.

In this section, you can see published summaries of our impact evaluations, including:

  • Our Anniversary Policy Highlights measuring our impact over the decade ending 2020.
  • An infographic that summarises our impact over a three-year period from June 2018 – May 2021 inclusive. We produced this following a ‘detailed snapshot’ internal review and report.
  • Our latest annual impact review (2023) outlines a summary of our impact over the past year. Published annual impact review summaries will be uploaded to our Policy Resource Library.

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