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The RSB acknowledges exceptional service to biology, particular eminence or significant influence in the life sciences via the award of Honorary Fellowship (Hon FRSB)

Honorary Fellows might typically be:

  • Renowned for sustained research achievement of international significance
  • High-profile exponents of biology and related matters, who are in a strong position of influence
  • Distinguished contributors to the welfare of biology through government/political service
  • Prominent figures in a biology-related industry
  • Recognised leaders in science education and public outreach

Hon FRSBs will be expected to:

  • Act as advocates and influencers for the RSB by publicly acknowledging their Hon FRSB post nominal letters, and actively promoting the vision and work of the RSB where appropriate.
  • Promote the study, profession and awareness of the biological sciences through their own activities as appropriate and through their association with the Society send out a clear message about our strategic aims and objectives.
  • Actively engage with the RSB by attending, or as appropriate, contributing to key events
  • Agree to be listed as an Hon FRSB on the RSB website

A detailed list of our Honorary Fellows is provided on these pages. If you have any questions regarding any of our Honorary Fellows, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Leach.

Listed by surname:

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