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Article Index

Page Breaks

The break, above causes the page to have an index at the top. If you don't add any breaks, the article has no index and the reader just needs to scroll down to read to the end. With breaks, there are "next" buttons to navigate to the next page.


You can link to other articles on the site like the "About us" article. If there's any punctuation around a link, like quotes or a full stop, make sure it's not inside the link. Links are not underlined on this site. They are green and change to white with a green background when you hover over them. This is part of the site design. Please do not use bold to highlight links.


There are two kinds of list:-

  1. Ones with numbers;
  2. Such as;
  3. One;
  4. Two; and
  5. Three.

And ones with bullets:-

  • First;
  • Second;
  • third.

Currently these don't display correctly in the editor but please don't try to create lists by using full stops in separate paragraphs. Things like screen readers may understand pages better when they can see a list rather than paragraphs that start with full stops.

More on Images

Images can float to the right, if you set that when you add the image. Images will have 15 pixels of margin around them except on the side next to the margin.

owl-iconDon't try to add empty paragraphs or headings to add spacing. If there's something wrong with the template then please ask for it to be fixed. Images normally will float into the next paragraph, as mentioned above. This doesn't happen with images in the last paragraph in an article. It's important not to add empty paragraphs at the end of an article as this can cause an image to float outside the area of the article at the bottom.

owl-iconIf this were the last paragraph it would have no margin at the bottom so it would fit up against the bottom of the page. Also the owl to the left won't stick out of the bottom of the article. If you have problems with spaces at the bottom of an article or if an image sticks out, then you may have empty paragraphs at the bottom. When you have page breaks, there is a next or previous button at the page bottom.

Images that are full width, like this one Healthy ageing speakers can be uploaded as 550px width. Images where the width is set to 500-599 will be displayed at the width of the page.

Figures with Captions

We don't have an editor component for this, but this is the better way to display an image caption:-

Prize icon
Figure 1: This is a caption