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With the triggering of Article 50 today and the formal start of the process of UK withdrawal from the EU, it is useful to reflect on the ongoing work the RSB is doing to ensure the best outcomes for biology and the biosciences community from the forthcoming negotiations.

Discussions are underway to identify how UK science can retain its position as a global leader in science and research. We have worked with policymakers to ensure that the priorities and concerns of the UK bioscience community are heard and can be responded to by those who will be part of the huge negotiation process.  

Stephen Metcalfe MP’s recent report on the science priorities for Brexit captured many priorities that we share with other sciences and that we have expressed in responses to previous inquiries on the potential impact on research and science and also higher education of departure from the EU.  

We have welcomed the emphasis on  science, research and innovation outlined in the Government’s priorities and in the recent budget. At present we are developing a response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper to reflect the views of our members.  

We are interested in hearing from members also about their  experiences of the effects the planned departure from the EU may already be having, and we welcome members’ evidence on this.

We will continue to work to ensure that the priorities of the science community are addressed in the coming negotiations; that the UK remains an attractive and welcoming place for researchers from across the globe; that current and future collaborative efforts are not hindered by our departure from the EU; and that we remain a powerhouse for science, research and innovative thinking.

For more information and updates on our work, visit our page on UK biosciences and Europe.