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Members joined the first ever online Annual General Meeting of the RSB, including this year's charter lecture.

Usually held in the Spring, the AGM was postponed this year due to the pandemic, but the move online proved popular with many members able to attend without travelling.

The meeting included a summary of the RSB accounts to be approved by the attendees, an update from Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB, and a question and answer session with the honorary officers.

The meeting also covered future plans to invest further in digital development, diversity and inclusion work, and the plans to explore forming a “shadow council” for younger members to feed into the RSB Council.

Mark Downs also paid special thanks to the volunteers who make possible so much of the work the RSB does, and the Membership Organisations and strategic partners who feed into diverse areas of RSB work.

Mark Downs covered highlights from the 2018/19 financial year, as well as recent successes in 2020.

Mark Downs commented: “The last financial year was one of the busiest of recent times, with sale of our shared building complete, relocation to new premises and a packed policy agenda, as we drew ever closer to leaving the European Union alongside significant changes to the mechanisms and levels of science funding.

“The Society continues to innovate and advocate across a number of areas, including outreach and engagement, 5-19 education, in professional development and in the accreditation of bioscience degrees, to name but a few.

“The current year brings new challenge for all of us and RSB is no exception, but through our many volunteers, dedicated staff and engaged members we are well set to continue to make real impact.”

This year, there was also a Council vacancy in the College of Individual Members, and a vacancy in the College of Organisational Members.

Professor Nigel Brown OBE CBiol FRSB, who also acts as the Chair of College of Individual Members, stood for election for a second term and following a call to Individual Members, five further nominations were received. Professor Brown was re-elected with a voter turnout of 17.6%.

In the College of Organisational Members, the term for Professor Patrick Hussey FRSB came to an end. Professor Stefan Przyborski FRSB was elected from a field of three nominees, with a voter turnout of 44.3%.

Professor Richard Reece CBiol FRSB was re-appointed as Honorary Secretary, and Dr Paul Brooker CBiol FRSB as Honorary Treasurer.

In announcing the election results Professor Reece thanked all the nominees and encouraged diverse participation in elections and nominations to RSB committees, groups and Council. 

The charter lecture followed the AGM and was delivered by Dr Jacqui Piner CBiol FRSB, RSB Trustee and GSK Fellow, who spoke on adapting to the evolution of pharmacology research and development.

Papers from the AGM will be available on our website shortly, and the charter lecture is on the RSB YouTube channel.