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Ten members of the Royal Society of Biology have been awarded travel grants of £500 for important biology work and study abroad.

The annual RSB Travel Grants make biological study, teaching or research abroad possible for those who would otherwise be unlikely to have it.


Claudia Santori AMRSB will be travelling to Mariarano, Madagascar to assess anuran biodiversity.

John Godlee (affiliate member) will be exploring the role of biotic interactions at the Kluane Lake Field Research Station in Yukon, Canada.

Joshua Powell AMRSB will put the money towards a moosewatch expedition at the Isle Royale National Park in America.

Natasha Phillips AMRSB will be travelling to Camogli, Italy to work alongside local fishermen and Marine Protected Area (MPA) authorities.

Patrick Cannon (affiliate member) will be investigating the impacts of logging on avian community ecology in Borneo.

Alessia Taccogna MRSB will put the grant towards travelling to America to attend the 20th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting.

Alexis Barr MRSB will be travelling from the ICR in London to present her work at the Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology Conference in the USA.

Alicja Dabrowska MRSB from Warwick University will put the grant towards a trip to the Marine Microbes Gordon Research seminar and conference in Girona, Spain.

Charline Couchoux MRSB will be travelling from the Université du Québec à Montréal to the UK to deliver a talk at the16th congress of the International Society for Behavioural Ecology.

Marwan Yaseen Al-Maqtoofi MRSB from the University of Exeter will use the grant to travel for a poster and oral presentation at the 52nd Annual British Society of Medical Mycology Scientific Meeting in Ireland.

They will each write a report for the Society website or magazine on their return. The reports from last years’ travelling biologists (pictured above) are still available.