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Sir David Attenborough Hon FSB has spoken to the Society of Biology about the current ‘huge ecological and biological turmoil faced by the Earth’.

In an exclusive interview as part of the Biology: Changing the World project he said that ‘biologists are leading the way’ in facing the challenges of the 21st century, but must make the importance of their work apparent to everyone.

Sir David explained that his broad interests in biology led him away from research and into science communication but stressed the importance of helping others to understand our dependence on nature: “Understanding the natural world is of paramount importance, particularly as it’s now under greater threat than it’s ever been in the history of mankind.”

For the future of the planet, Sir David advises teamwork and communication: “The whole biological community need to be talking to one another so that people can get a comprehension of the turmoil in which our planet is involved at the moment, which is a biological turmoil above anything else.”

In the interview at his London home last week, the world famous naturalist and broadcaster, also told the Society about his career and influences.

Sir David said his ‘collecting bug’ and fascination with fossils, first inspired him to delve into natural history. He remembers sitting by a pond in Leicestershire as a young boy, watching the ‘splendour and beauty’ of wildlife, including an ‘astonishing’ great-crested newt.

Seated in his library, Sir David also spoke about his continuing admiration of Darwin’s inquisitive nature and why he still hopes to visit the Gobi desert.

You can watch the full interview on the Biology: Changing the World website.

As part of the Biology Changing the World project, 50 scientists, teachers, students and researchers from various fields of biology across the UK, will discuss what inspired them and what advice they would give to those wanting to pursue a similar career.

The project also includes a new app, website, and series of blue plaques celebrating biology heroes. The free app, available in the apple and android app stores, uses your location to introduce you to great biologists who lived and worked nearby and biological discoveries which were made in the area.

The Biology: Changing the World project of the Society of Biology was developed in partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Join Sir David in conversation with Professor Alice Roberts FSB at the Society's special fundraising event on Tuesday 26th May. Guests will get to explore Sir David's amazing experiences in broadcasting as he is interviewed on stage at the Science Museum's IMAX Theatre. Tickets available now.