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Insects are vital for human life on earth but they are often overlooked. The Royal Society of Biology (RSB) has launched a poll to discover the UK’s favourite insect.


There are over 20,000 insect species in the UK but numbers are declining. Ecologists developed a shortlist of 10 of their favourite UK species and now the RSB wants to know what the rest of the UK thinks.

David Urry MRSB, regional coordinator at the Society said:
“Insects are ubiquitous, diverse and exhibit a truly fascinating array of behaviours and traits. They also play a fundamental role in ecosystems, and human life on earth is dependent upon their continued existence. However, they are too often ignored, overlooked, or considered little more than a nuisance.

“The RSB’s favourite insect poll hopes to encourage people to give UK insects the appreciation they deserve.

“Many insect species are struggling in the UK, with numbers declining steeply and species disappearing. Given the importance of insects to ecosystems in the UK, this is very worrying.

“Everything would grind to a halt if there were no more insects. For example, many crops in the UK are pollinated by insects. Without them, farmers would be in real trouble.

“In addition, as insects lie at the bottom of the food chain, they act as the baseline for so many other lifeforms in this country, sustaining all the various species of predators that feed on them. They are crucial to the health of the environment.

“There’s lots people can do to help insects. One way is by creating space for insects in our gardens and public spaces by providing food and shelter.”

The 10 insects to choose from are: seven-spot ladybird, garden tiger moth, small tortoiseshell butterfly, black garden ant, buff-tailed bumblebee, large bee-fly, marmalade hoverfly, green shieldbug, stag beetle and emperor dragonfly.

Find out a bit more about the insects and cast your vote!

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