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As part of Biology Week 2017, the RSB invited people of all ages to create biology-themed art attacks: BioArtAttacks! We invited lab groups, classes, friends and individuals to get creative and bring science and art together. 

We received over 70 high quality and exciting entries, including collages, sculptures, stop motion videos and even cakes. The whole spectrum of biology was represented, from plant science to neuroscience.

The winners will be announced Wednesday 1 November, and the three entries with the most votes will win a set of art supplies to help the artists make even more wonderful, biology inspired artwork.

Vote for your favourite entry now on our online poll.



Neurone – Juan Gazquez Floran, British School of Barcelona

IMG 5503

This creative multimedia entry shows the structure and function of a neurone.

Serotonin - Alex Cross, Abbey Gate College

Alex Cross - Abbey Gate College

This entry combines a model of the molecular structure of serotonin with some information about its role as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

Petri dishes - Science Faculty, Whalley Range 11-18 High School

Whalley Range High School

This entry was created by science students at Whalley Range 11-18 High School. The entry uses petri dishes to showcase the breadth of biology.

Animal Cell – Kings Priory School Biology Department

KPSBiology 2

This 3D model shows the key structures of an animal cell.

Neurone – Paola Zapata Martin, British School of Barcelona

IMG 5517

This colourful model shows the structures of a neuron. 

Digestive System apron – Cameron, Overton Grange STEAMinions

Cameron - OGSTEMinions

This creative entry has transformed an apron into a life-size diagram of the human digestive system.

Root Hair Cell – Kings Priory School Biology Department


This entry uses a model of a root hair cell to explain osmosis. 

Insular Dwarfism video – Kate, Kerry and Maddy, Ardingly College



This entry uses video to explore how elephants adapted to their environment by evolving into dwarf forms.