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In January this year 7,200 students participated in the 2016 British Biology Olympiad. The students who took part were from across the UK in addition to 15 other countries.

We are pleased to announce this year that the Royal Society of Biology’s UK Biology Competitions are working with ASDAN China to enable schools in China to take part in round one of the 2017 British Biology Olympiad (BBO). Schools in China will need to register to take part in the next BBO via the charity's website.

ASDAN China was founded in September 2011, and currently co-operates with 220 international schools and 'key schools' in 52 cities. In 2016 more than 10,000 students participated in their programs.

This is the first time ASDAN China is introducing the BBO competition throughout China. Outstanding Chinese students will have the opportunity to compete with British students for the award of certificates.