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A team from the Royal Society of Biology attended this year’s Association for Science Education (ASE) annual conference at the University of Liverpool, from 4th – 6th January 2018.

RSB spoke with primary and secondary science teachers as part of the central exhibition, and also met primary science teachers at the primary science pop-up event and the primary science teach meet.

The RSB’s Biology Education Research Group ran a series of talks on topics such as Brain science in schools and Darwin and the Arts whilst the winner of our school biology teacher of the year award,  Leah McClure from Colton Hills Community School, chaired the Biology in the Real World lecture series which covered topics of relevance to the classroom.

RSB also hosted the 'Talking Science' debate with the Royal Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, Wellcome and the ASE. The debate, entitled “GCSE Options: An Illusion of Choice?”, was chaired by Professor David Read with guests including Tim Oates (Cambridge Assessment), Professor Louise Archer, and Olly Newton (The Edge Foundation).

Teachers are reminded that resources may be downloaded from the RSB website, including the Gopher Science Lab teacher booklet, Becoming a Biologist: Degrees and Careers in Biology booklet, and Spotlight on the Life Sciences, a guide to careers in the biosciences.

The ASE Annual Conference in 2019 will take place in Birmingham.