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Today the Prime Minister set out the Government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU.

The Prime Minister's speech specifically mentioned science and innovation within the key objectives, saying:
"A Global Britain must also be a country that looks to the future. That means being one of the best places in the world for science and innovation.

"One of our great strengths as a nation is the breadth and depth of our academic and scientific communities, backed up by some of the world's best universities. And we have a proud history of leading and supporting cutting-edge research and innovation.

"So we will also welcome agreement to continue to collaborate with our European partners on major science, research, and technology initiatives."

The Royal Society of Biology (RSB) has consistently argued that a key component of the UK's future is tied to not only maintaining the UK as an internationally recognised and welcoming science powerhouse but also supporting its opportunities to grow.

Dr Laura Bellingan FRSB, director of policy and public affairs of the RSB said:
"It is clear that the Government recognises the importance of excellent science for the UK's future; it not only saves and improves lives and livelihoods, but adds to the UK's wealth and influence. Science is international and continuously-developing; investment and the beneficial movement of people are both essential.

"The UK needs people who bring with them trained minds and skills to work alongside our home-grown talented scientists, leading innovation and technology, and turning ideas into reality. We have a proud history of being an attractive and welcoming home of science and a beacon of progress. We want to work to advance this and ensure that researchers, technicians and educators in biology can excell in the UK."

Read the full text of the Prime Minister's statement.