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Today’s House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee report calls on the Government to 'supercharge' UK science by setting a path for increasing public and private sector science R&D investment in the UK to 3% of GDP, which is a target agreed by European Union countries.

The report notes that the United Kingdom ‘is a science superpower.'  'In terms of both quality and productivity, our research base punches above its weight, setting a worldwide benchmark for excellence.’ However warns that the UK ‘has fallen behind its competitors in terms of total R&D investment.’

Dr Laura Bellingan FRSB, director of science policy at the Royal Society of Biology said:
“The Science and Technology Committee is right to stress how important it is that the UK maintains its status as a science superpower. Government investment is key to attracting private investment and retaining our talented and productive workforce. There is a real risk that a flat cash settlement will flatten science ambitions. The combination of interested government investment and expert and detailed scientific advice on what research to support has enabled the UK to spend money wisely - this must remain at the heart of the spending strategy.”

The STC report also cautions 'against a radical reorganisation of the research councils which could potentially harm the research programme'. The science community awaits publication of the Nurse Review, which will give a clearer picture of the advice which the Government is receiving.

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