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This year sightings of flying ants began early, but more are still being seen at the start of September, unexpectedly late. The Society of Biology's flying ant survey has seen sightings continuing for over 5 weeks around the UK.

Dr Rebecca Nesbit, press officer at the Society of Biology and entomologist, says: "With the hot weather set to continue, it may contribute to further flying ant appearances. Although lots of sightings have already been recorded, there may well be more to come, and we still need people to report them."

The ants which have been seen flying over recent weeks are not all the black garden ant, and anyone wishing to send a sample of flying ants for identification can contact Rebecca.

Christina Catlin-Groves from the University of Gloucestershire is helping collect and analyse the data. She says: "The 2012 and 2013 data is quite different – many of our participants have commented on the multiple emergences of colonies and that there seem to be fewer emerging than in previous years. I'm really looking forward to see what following years reveal!"