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The Society of Biology is now able to offer members or Fellows who teach sciences in the UK the opportunity to obtain chartered science teacher status (CSciTeach) under licence from the Science Council.

Chartered science teacher status demonstrates excellence in science teaching, the attainment of high standards of competence, the ability to exercise leadership, a high level of personal integrity and a commitment to continued professional development.

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, director of education and training at the Society of Biology said:
"The Society already offers a number of specialist professional registers for individuals working in the life sciences and we are delighted to be able to offer this new register for teachers of biology. The importance of having excellent teachers cannot be underestimated. CSciTeach offers individuals post-nominal letters that are externally recognised and validated by the Society, showcasing to students, parents, colleagues and line managers, excellence in teaching and learning capabilities."

CSciTeach is open to those working in science education, teaching in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, museums, galleries, on outreach schemes or within other educational environments. To apply, teachers and lecturers will complete competencies that demonstrate the impact that they are having on the learning of their students, the teaching of biosciences, and the support of colleagues and the wider community. Chartered science teacher status and the continuing professional development (CPD) portfolio can be used during performance management reviews, supporting cases for promotion in teaching and lecturing.

To remain on the chartered science teacher register, teachers must maintain their commitment to continual professional development and complete their CPD record. The Society will be looking to support teachers further by providing specific training courses on areas of interest for bioscience teachers throughout.

Applications can be made online through myRegisters in mySociety. It is £30 to apply for CSciTeach status, renewed yearly.

The Society of Biology will be attending the Association of Science Education (ASE) Conference from Thursday 8th - Saturday 10th January 2015 and can be found at stand BS14 where staff will be happy to discuss CSciTeach.