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Leah McClure from Colton Hills Community School, Wolverhampton, has won this year's RSB Secondary School Biology Teacher of the Year Award.

Leah was presented the award at this year’s Education Award Ceremony that took place at IET Savoy Place: London last Friday, on the 7th of July.

The RSB Secondary School Biology Teacher of the Year Award celebrates the very best and most inspiring biology teachers in 11-18 education in the UK, with staff asked to nominate colleagues who they feel are deserved of the recognition.


Leah receives her award at the Education Awards Ceremony


McClure said of winning the award: “I am genuinely honoured to have won this award. I am incredibly lucky to have taught a multitude of amazing students, many of whom have inspired me on a daily basis, and to work alongside fantastic colleagues.

“Biology teaching, for me, is all about engaging students with the amazing world around them and the Biology teacher of the year award is a wonderful way of celebrating the hard work of Biology teachers everywhere."

McClure, who has been teaching for seven years, will receive her award at a ceremony at the IET London: Savoy Place on Friday 7th July 2017.

McClure will receive a prize of £500 and £500 of free Oxford University Press resources for her school. She will also receive prizes for her classroom from UK 3B Scientific Ltd and a year’s membership of the Royal Society of Biology.

Chair of the judging panel, Dr Mark Winterbottom CBiol FRSB said: “Leah's biology teaching instils joy and passion into her students.

“She sets students' learning in real-life contexts, building their learning layer upon layer with expertise and skill, helping them to figure out the ideas she wants them to learn.

“She uses her deep understanding of Biology to develop her pupils’ fascination for and understanding of the subject, so they feel themselves to be biologists, rather than simply school students learning a curriculum.

“Her deep commitment to individual students is very clear, making them feel important, and building in them perseverance, and a strong work ethic. Through her love of biology, Leah expertly engages and inspires her pupils to work hard and “be the best they can be.”

Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB, chief executive of the RSB, said: “Great teachers are never forgotten by their students. They have a long-term positive influence on their students’ enthusiasm for learning; this widens their knowledge and skills base, which increases their self-confidence and raises their aspirations.

“This year’s short-listed teachers are all teaching outstanding and inspiring biology lessons that enthuse and encourage their students to take a greater interest in the biosciences. Many congratulations to Leah on her well-deserved award.”