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The RSB’s special advisory group for plant science has a new name, amid a refresh of its structure. Formerly the UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF), the group is to be known as the RSB Plant Science Group, reflecting its relationship with the Society and its role in advising it.
RSB PSG logo final

The RSB Plant Science Group is currently comprised of 21 RSB Member Organisations with an interest in plant science. It brings together organisations from across the plant science community to develop a coordinated approach to policy and practice in research, industry, funding, education and outreach, wherever possible.

Alongside the new name, the Group’s structure has been simplified to increase its Member Organisations’ engagement with the RSB and each other.

As well as facilitating discussion and coordinating activity on current issues, the RSB Plant Science Group arranges events such as the 2021 Plant Health Summit, publishes the monthly Plant Science Newsletter, liaises with RSB activity on education and careers, and runs the popular Plant Health Undergraduate Studentships scheme.

The Group meets on quarterly video calls, most recently hosting a discussion with representatives from Defra on its current consultation on the regulation of genetic technologies.

Under the UKPSF banner, the Group published the 2019 report, Growing the future, and its predecessor, 2014’s UK Plant Science: Current status and future challenges.

The RSB Plant Science Group chair, Dr Geraint Parry, said: “Since its inception in 2011, the status and role of this coalition has evolved. Our new structure befits this age of online meetings, and the new name better reflects the Group’s current function: bringing together RSB Member Organisations to discuss and act on areas of shared interests in the plant sciences.”