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01.09.24 - 05.09.24
Vester Søgade 6, DK-1601, Copenhagen V, Denmark

A global conference for Pseudomonas research


Pseudomonas species attract scientists from all disciplines of life sciences. The taxa are a remarkable example of metabolic versatility, with an extraordinary ability to colonize a wide range of biotic and abiotic niches that range from aquatic habitats, soil, and plants to animals and humans.

The International Biennial Pseudomonas Conference inaugurated 37 years ago (1986), aims at promoting and consolidating academic, clinical, industrial, and social collaborations among all scientists across multiple Pseudomonas research disciplines. The 19th edition of the conference will take place in September 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark—a hub of Pseudomonas aficionados with a long tradition of researching this bacterial genus at multiple levels and applications.

The organizing committee looks forward to the upcoming Pseudomonas conference that, in the spirit of this meeting series, will strive to provide broad coverage of various Pseudomonas species and their role in fundamental and applied research while fostering the active participation of both young and established researchers from across the globe.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and can be counted as 120 CPD points

Further details

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