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International Degree Accreditation

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The Royal Society of Biology offers International Degree Accreditation, International Advanced Degree Accreditation and International Master's Degree Accreditation which are similar to the accreditation programmes run in the UK.


Accreditation of degree programmes by the Royal Society of Biology aims to:

  • Recognise academic achievement
  • Drive up standards of learning and teaching in the biosciences
  • Enhance competitiveness for students in a crowded global jobs market
  • Provide industry with an assurance of the level of employability skills and subject relevant bioscience skills provided by a degree
  • Provide an international mark of "good practice" allowing wide ranging comparability among high performing institutions


International Degree Accreditation

International Degree Accreditation follows an independent and rigorous assessment of degree programmes which contain a solid academic foundation in biological knowledge and key skills, and prepare graduates to address the needs of employers.


Hong Kong Poly U


XJTLU University


International Advanced Degree Accreditation

International Advanced Accreditation recognises academic excellence in the biosciences, and highlights degrees that educate the research and development leaders and innovators of the future. The advanced accreditation criteria require evidence that graduates from advanced accredited programmes meet defined sets of learning outcomes, including gaining substantial research experience.


University of Ghana


International Master's Degree Accreditation

International Master's Degree Accreditation highlights degrees which support the development of specific skill sets, competencies and training which will enhance life and health science research.



Supporters of Accreditation

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