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organismandenvironmentSonia E Sultan
Oxford University Press, £34.99

The emerald green, solar-powered, algae-eating sea slug Elysia chlorotica featured on the cover is just one of the many interesting organisms covered in Professor Sultan's book. Recent research is used throughout to discuss environmental influences on phenotypic expression of organisms, or 'eco-devo', and how, in turn, organisms affect their environment, thus bringing together many branches of biology.

Such synthesis, as the author suggests, could well lead to fresh interpretations of known phenomena, making this possibly one of the most exciting biology textbooks published recently. It is illustrated throughout with line drawings and photographs. One or two of the photos could have done with being a little sharper, but otherwise this is a clear, readable and insightful textbook.

Dr Sue Howarth FRSB

Shortlisted: Postgraduate Textbook Prize, RSB Book Awards 2016