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Royal Society of Biology Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

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Inspiring interest in bioscience and the natural world is a key part of what we do. Through our events, outreach work, competitions and publications, we help communicate the true value of biology and inspire the next generation of biologists. 

Our activities stimulate important conversations about biology and how it can help in responding to the major challenges facing the planet. Our work also aims to challenge the stereotypes of science and scientists, and tackle barriers to inclusion in scientific subjects.

The RSB runs a varied and impactful calendar of outreach and engagement events, supporting activities at fairs, museums, street festivals, exhibitions and beyond to spread the word about biology. Our branches run inspiring events in each region of the UK and, increasingly, overseas.

News of our work and our members’ work reaches millions of people a year via our digital communication channels, and our flagship publication The Biologist has been chronicling the best of bioscience for over 65 years.

These activities culminate in our annual celebration of the life sciences, Biology Week, when our work to inspire as many people as possible intensifies during seven days of biology-themed events, activities and campaigns.

Over the next three years we will expand our suite of outreach events and grow the impact of our digital communication channels. We will aim to engage a wider diversity of audiences with biology, with more inspiring local events delivered through our regional branches. We’ll use our 10th anniversary to celebrate our work and the achievements of bioscience over the past decade, while looking ahead to what the next 10 years of cutting-edge life science might bring.

We aim to: 

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Making it work

The finance, infrastructure, and strategic partners behind our latest business plan. 

Biosciences for all

The RSB is committed to promoting inclusive, accessible and diverse participation in the life sciences. Read more about our work in this area.