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Mountain hay meadows

Editor: Barbara Knowles
Publisher: Society of Biology, London, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-900490-40-8

This new online publication presents a selection of papers from the conference "Mountain hay meadows – hotspots of biodiversity and traditional culture" held on 7-9 June 2010 in Boros Valley, Transylvania, Romania. The conference was part of a project of the same name. The project had a dual goal: to carry out biological research on mountain hay meadows in two contrasting sites in the Eastern Carpathians; and to help local farmers to carry on traditional small scale agriculture.

Papers in this volume are grouped into two themes, reflecting the dual focus of the project:
-Biodiversity, landscape and traditional knowledge
-Social science, economics and rural development relating to hay meadow management and products.

0.1 Introduction and Acknowledgements

0.2 Mountain Hay Meadows: the Romanian Context and the Effects of Policy on High Nature Value Farming

Section 1

Biodiversity, landscape and traditional knowledge

1.1 Natural Treasures of the Csík Basin and Csík Mountains
László DEMETER, Anna-Mária CSERGŐ, Attila SÁNDOR, István IMECS and Csaba VIZAUER

1.2 Proposal for the Creation of a New Natura 2000 Site in the Ciuc Mountains
Anna-Mária CSERGŐ, László DEMETER, Zsolt MOLNÁR, Dániel BABAI and Gusztáv JAKAB

1.3 The Conservation Value of Temporary Ponds in the Ciuc Basin from a Vegetation Perspective
Anna-Mária CSERGŐ and László DEMETER

1.4 Data on the Distribution and Population Size of Amphibians in the Csík Mountains (Muntii Ciucului), Eastern Carpathians, Romania
László DEMETER and Alpár KELEMEN

1.5 The Relationship between Mowing and Large Branchiopod Presence in the Ciuc Basin, Eastern Carpathians
László DEMETER, Anna-Mária CSERGŐ and Gabriella PÉTER

1.6 Understanding High Nature Value Agriculture in the Romanian Carpathians: a Case Study
Sally HUBAND and David McCRACKEN

1.7 Monitoring High Nature Value Grassland in Transylvania, Romania
Laura SUTCLIFFE and Krystyna LARKHAM

Section 2

Social science, economics and rural development relating to hay meadow management and products

2.1Biodiversity and Transition Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture: Implications for Interdisciplinary Research in the Eastern Romanian Carpathian Mountains

2.2 Farming and Management of Hay Meadows in Csík and Gyimes - Experiences from Social Research
Róbert BIRÓ, László DEMETER and Barbara KNOWLES

2.3 Agri-Environmental Payments in Harghita County - Do They Have Real Benefits for HNV Grasslands?
Péter PÁL

2.4 Area-based Subsidies in the ODORHEI Region of Romania

2.5 Linking High Nature Value Grasslands to Small-Scale Farmer Incomes: Târnava Mare, Romania

2.6 Supporting Agriculture, Tradition and Ecosystems in the Pogány-Havas Microregion of Transylvania (Romania)
Gergely RODICS and Barbara KNOWLES