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Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Animation (external link)

DescriptionThis is a brief (2 minute) movie (QuickTime) animation showing how the nucleus of an egg cell can be replaced with the nucleus from a skin cell and the resulting cell can divide to form a blastocyst from which embryonic stem cells can be derived. The explanation is brief and fairly basic but may be useful in the context of wider and more in-depth discussion of somatic cell nuclear transfer and embryonic stem cells, helping students to visualise the process.
Key Wordssomatic cell nuclear transfer, Stem cell
Academic Level4/5
Accreditation ThemesMolecular Aspects of Biology, Whole Organism Biology
RepositoryOER Commons
Type of Resourcevideo, protocols, techniques images
Topicbiomedicine, cytology, developmental biology.
LicensePlease read custom licence
InstitutionHoward Hughes Medical Institute
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