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Solutions and electrolytes (external link)

DescriptionThis tutorial is concerned with the mechanisms of chemical solution and how solvents work. It highlights the differences between solutions, suspensions and colloidal suspensions and explains how different solutes dissolve in different solvents. The tutorial has interactive elements, specifically a number of essentially multiple choice style questions and an opportunity to perform a very simple simulated experiment (observing what happens when you add starch and salt to water). This resource would be useful for foundation level pre-practical learning.
Key Wordscolloid, Electrolyte, ion, solute, solvent, suspension
Academic Level4/5
Accreditation ThemesMolecular Aspects of Bioscience
Type of Resourcemultimedia alternatives to labs, practical principles
Topicbiochemistry, biomedicine, clinical chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology
AuthorRichard Windle
LicenseAttribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales
InstitutionUniversity of Nottingham
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