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Radioimmunoassay (external link)

DescriptionThis is an interactive website (html format) that provides very comprehensive coverage of the technique of radioimmunoassay and related aspects, such as the law of Mass Action. It contains animated demonstrations of molecular interactions, including antibody-antigen, with accompanying text, as well as a virtual experiment. The language is clear and easy to understand, and is enhanced by the use of animated diagrams and analogies. It is a long resource (students could spend around an hour working through it), but it is possible to dip in and out of different sections using the menu page. The section on the assay itself is very interactive and allows the student to mix solutions, predict the outcomes and obtain formative feedback on their responses, although there are no 'Back' buttons, so it is not possible to 'have another go' at the answers to questions. Otherwise navigation is straightforward. The resource is quite old (1996), and as a consequence, is rather text-heavy, although this is easy to follow (clear and concise). It would be enhanced by the use of audio to accompany the text. Overall, a very nice resource that would benefit from a little updating. It could be used by undergraduate bioscientists as a pre-lab exercise or as a stand-alone resource to learn about or revise this topic.
Key WordsAntibody, Antigen, Law of mass action, Radioimmunoassay
Academic Level5/6, 5/7
Accreditation ThemesMolecular Aspects of Biology
RepositoryUniversity of Nottingham U Now
Type of ResourceTechnique
AuthorDr Martin Luck
LicenseAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike UK 2.0 Licence
InstitutionUniversity of Nottingham
  • Comment by 'Anonymous'
    Good introduction and explanation of terminology based on making orange squash.
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