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Safety in the Laboratory (external link)

DescriptionWebbrowser-run presentation on Health and Safety for general personal safety (protective equipment and behaviour) and good lab practice (micropipettes, microcentrifuge tubes, slides, swabs, glassware, plates). It is both accessible for hearing and visually impaired, because it covers the same information through sound, written notes and video. The resource can be used in teacher-led sessions or for self-directed learning. It is suitable for safety instruction/ induction, in lectures about safety, or in practicals as a reminder.
Key WordsMicrobiology
Academic Level4/5
Accreditation ThemesMolecular Aspects of Biology, Whole Organism Biology. Ecology and Environmental Science
RepositoryUniversity of Leeds Virtual Labs
Type of ResourceHealth and Safety Information
TopicAny laboratory work
AuthorDr John Heritage, Dr Sue Bickerdike
LicenseAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales
InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
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