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Living in the Microbial World: Lactic Acid Bacteria (external link)

DescriptionThe resource is a description of a practical exercise focused on lactic acid bacteria, which is made available online. It includes a protocol for the enrichment of lactic acid bacteria from samples like yoghurt, sauerkraut, decaying plant matter, and tooth plaque. Growth, culture diversity and pH are measured. The exercise also includes instructions for the isolation of some of these bacteria by using the streak-plate method. The resource is possibly intended to also guide self-directed work, but the learner would be rather left alone without actually working through outcomes, and there is no guidance in terms of health and safety, good laboratory practice. It is suggested to use this resource as an inspiration for an educator to develop/ run a practical class in the context. The resource is suitable for a microbiology or biotechnology course.
Key Wordsbiotechnology, environmental microbiology, Food microbiology
Academic Level4/5
Accreditation ThemesEnvironmental and Ecological Science, Molecular Aspects of Biology, Whole Organism Biology
RepositoryOER Commons
Type of ResourceProtocol
AuthorLiving in the Microbial World Workshop, Marine Biological Laboratory
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
InstitutionScience Education Resource Center, Carleton College
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