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Using pipettes in biological sciences (external link)

DescriptionThis includes a series of three short video sequences (each 2-2.5 minutes long), showing three different types of pipette, with an explanation of when it is appropriate to use each and a demonstration of their use. The demonstrations concentrate on the mechanics of using the pipettes. A useful add-on would be to show how the volume is set on a micropipette and to discuss how to choose the size of micropipette for measuring particular volumes. There is a transcript of the video sequences which contains some additional material and images and there is a multiple choice quiz to test understanding; both of these are provided as pdf and word files. This resource is appropriate for foundation stage or first year undergraduate students and would be useful pre-practical preparation.
Key Wordsliquid handling, micropipette, pipette
Academic Level4/5
Accreditation ThemesMolecular Aspects of Biology, Whole Organism Biology
RepositoryDe Montfort University HALSOER Project
Type of Resourceprotocols, techniques, videos, multimedia alternatives to labs, health and safety information
Topicbiochemistry, biomedicine, clinical chemistry, cytology, haematology, histopathology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology
AuthorDr Graham Basten
LicenseAttribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales
InstitutionDe Montford University
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