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12.09.22 - 14.09.22
University of Kent

There is an ongoing demographic shift with populations ageing globally, and an urgent need for strategies to improve age-related health

Recent research into the mechanisms of ageing show that despite its complexity, ageing is driven by common underlying biological processes, driving multiple age-related pathologies. Understanding these biological mechanisms and processes will help us develop interventions to tackle ageing and improve the incidence of age-related disease. This is a rapidly expanding research field. These ageing mechanisms and processes can be ameliorated by dietary, genetic, and pharmacological interventions and preventive medicine can be developed to promote healthy ageing and delay age-related functional decline.

A major discovery in the field has been that diet and nutrition controls ageing. Diet is a well-established determinant for long-life health; Dietary restriction is the most effective way to improve age-related health across species and the nutritional balance within a diet is critically important. Understanding the nutritional control of ageing and the key nutrient sensing signalling pathways that are involved is a key focus of the research field.

This conference will bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines working on basic molecular and cellular processes of nutrition, its impact in metabolism and interventions to improve age-related health. Topics include timing of feeding, specific nutrients, roles played by the gut microbiota, and dietary and pharmacological interventions that recapitulate the benefits of dietary changes.

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