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Dance totheTuneDenis Noble
Cambridge University Press, £17.99

In this thought-provoking and engaging book Denis Noble takes the reader on a journey to understand the theory of biological relativity from the ground up. This theory moves away from the popular gene-centred theory of evolution towards an inclusive, integrative approach that takes multiple levels into account.

Noble invites us to let go of preconceptions and be an inquisitive explorer. He challenges the reader to question dogmas and distance our ideas from presumptions for which there is insufficient justification.
The clear language, elegant structure and meticulously chosen illustrations accompanying the text make this book a joy to read.

The narrative is remarkable, covering topics such as physical relativity, neo-Darwinism and epigenetics. One of the pioneers of systems biology, Noble explains how the experiences in his career have greatly shaped the ideas in this book, giving it a personal link.

Dance to the Tune of Life is a marvellous text reflecting on the complexity of biology.

Anna Holderbaum AMRSB