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One Plus One Equals OneJohn Archibald

Oxford University Press, £16.99

"A lesser known but equally important fact of life is that our mitochondria are, in essence, domesticated bacteria: they evolved from bacteria by endosymbiosis, just as chloroplasts did."

One Plus One Equals One begins by explaining the basic principles of evolutionary biology, such as endosymbiosis and phylogenetic relationships.

This sets the scene before looking in more detail at the molecular changes that have occurred in organisms over time. The book explains clearly and with precise detail the origin of complex cells. It also describes future advances in evolutionary technology, including genetic modification of organisms. The endnotes within this book provide many references to supplement further reading. Schematic diagrams, included within the chapters, offer comprehensive insights into the structure of cells and the arrangement of their organelles.

I recommend One Plus One Equals One, which provides extensive and clear explanations of a fascinating area of biology. Indeed, it would be ideal for university students wanting to deepen their knowledge of symbiotic relationships.

Jordan Handley AMRSB

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