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the-eyeMichael F Land

Oxford University Press, £7.99

For anyone who would like to know more about the workings of the eye and how the brain interprets images, this book is an excellent introductory text. As one of the latest of almost 400 books in the A Very Short Introduction series, this book covers the subject in a concise and interesting manner. A great deal of ground is covered within its 105 pages, from the very first eyes to the evolution of better eyes, the workings of human eyes and a brief explanation of how the structures of eyes relates to vision in some other species.

Photoreceptors and the other structures present in the human eye are described in some detail. The physical reasons for the form and function of structures in the eye and how the brain receives and processes visual images are also explained clearly. There is a chapter devoted to the perception of colour, with another on seeing and the brain.

Explanations are given in a stepwise manner, starting with an introduction and building up to more complex information to provide a complete understanding of the topic. This makes the book a very informative read for the non-specialist wanting to gain a better understanding of the eye.

Dr Amanda Hardy AMSB